What Is Football Betting?

What Is Football Betting?

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Around 40% of the money spent on all wagers in the UK is spent on placing bets on football. This is why you should know all the rules and tricks in taking an informed decision and placing a bet that wins.

Domestic Leagues, national cups, and international tournaments like Champions League, Europa League, and a growing trend of the pre-season competition. In addition, there are matches against countries such as the European Championships, Africa Cup of Nations, Copa America and the World Cup. Therefore, there are a lot of matches on which you can bet.

Football Betting

How does betting work in football?

The bookmaker sets the odds. Odds are likeable outcomes that may occur in a match. The bookmaker identifies it and formulates the odds. He also gives out the probability of winning. Odds are reflected as fractions or decimals. If the outcome of the bet placed is written as 2/1, the person who placed the bet will win $2 on $1.

Football Match Betting

A Match bet is a bet in which the bet is placed on the outcome of the game. The game may result in a win or loss or a draw. This is signified as a 1X2 bet in which 1 signifies the home team, X signifies a draw and 2 signifies an away team.

In Double Chance, the gambler places a bet on two different events of the game. In this, you can bet on the draw and win at the same time and win. It reduces the risk of losing all the money placed. The odds in this are lower than the match betting but there is a fair chance of winning in a double bet.

Handicap betting focuses on the difference of goals and points made by the two teams. For instance, if you have placed a 1-0 goal handicap bet on Manchester United. They should win the match by one goal more than they need to win the match. In this case, the team should make 2-0 goals for the handicap to be successful.

You may also bet on the number of goals. Some wagerers place wagers on specific total goals. Most of the wagerers place bets on over or under total goals. Total goals are the total number of goals collectively won by both the playing side. A gambler can place a bet on more than 2.5 goals being scored in a match or he may bet against it.

The most rewarding and popular type of betting is betting on the winner of the tournament. You may even place bets on the finishing position of a team in the league, which team will be out of the tournament and at which point, who will make better goals in the two playing teams.

Wagerers also like to place bets on the performance of an individual player. One can place bets on a player winning the Golden Boot or the Golden Glove in the tournament. Similarly, bets are also placed on a player getting penalties or a team winning penalty goal.

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